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IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) Frequently Asked Questions

1. The entry form did not print out properly. 
Please import it to Mircosoft Word or a similar word processing software in order to view and print this document. If you still have trouble, download the PDF form and print that out.

2. I am from Germany, Can I enter my song(s) from a country other than the U.S.?
Yes, IAMA accepts and encourages entries from all over the world.

3. How many categories can I enter my song(s) into?
There is no limit to the number of songs you may enter in the competition. You may enter as many songs as you want in different categories, or you may even enter as many songs as you want in the same category.

4. I am a singer. However, the song is written by a friend of mine, Can I enter?
Yes, you can. You do not need to write the song. Please write the name of your friend (under songwriter) who wrote the song in the entry form. Write your name down as the artist and entrant in the entry form.

5. I am a singer. Can I enter with a cover song (song written by other songwriters)?
Yes, you can. You do not need to write the song. Please write the name of the songwriter(s) (under songwriter) who wrote the song in the entry form. Write your name down as the artist and entrant in the entry form.

6. I am a Female Artist and I have a Acoustic type band made up of me and 3 other people. Can I enter in the Best Female Artist, Best Group, Best Pop and Best Folk?
Yes, you may enter in any of those categories and in addition to whichever categories your song fit in.

7. I am an independent artist and I own an independent label distributed by Universal, am I eligible?
Of course you can. This is open to any independent artist with or without an independent label, with or without a major or independent distributor.

8. I have one song that doesn’t belong in any category. It is Bluegrass with Jazz, Modern Classical and Ska influences. Which category can I enter?
I would suggest the the Open category, also known as A.O.G. (Acoustic Open Genre), which is open to any genre in the acoustic style such as World, Flamenco, etc.

9. What if my song does not fit exactly into a category?
Enter it into the category that it fits best in. A great song will stand out and be recognized even if it does not fit exactly into a specific category. The categories are a guide, not a rule.

10. What are the Best Male, Female and Group Artist(s) categories?
These categories are based not only on songwriting but also on overall performance. Judging is based on vocal performance (in instrumental entries, no vocals will be judged), songwriting/composition, instrumentation, melody, arrangement, lyrics, creativity, production and overall likeability. In short, this category will be judged on the total package consisting of the overall quality of the song and the performance.

11. Is there a maximum time length to an entered song?
No, you may enter songs of any time length. There is no time limit.

12. How much does it cost to enter?
It costs $35 per song entry. 6 song entries = US$210.00

13. How and when will entrants be notified?
All entrants will receive notification of the winners via e-mail. Please do not call the IAMA office to inquire about winners as it’ll slow down the process on judging and tracking. If you do not receive an email, please see the website for the winners’ list.

14. I am 14 years old, can I enter?
Please have a parent or guardian sign on your behalf if you are 18 years of age or younger

15. If I entered songs in other music talent competitions, can I enter the same in your competition this year?
Yes, and you can enter either the same song(s) or new song entries. Yes, we welcome all songs, even if they have been entered (whether they won or not) into other music competitions.

16. I write songs in Spanish and I am a Latin Artist. Can I enter?
If the lyrics are in a language other than English, please include the English translation, if available. It will not affect the judging process in any way.

17. Does IAMA own my song and rights once I have entered it?
No, the entrant retains ALL rights to the songs, and IAMA does NOT own the song or any rights to it.

18. May I enter a song that I wrote if the rights to it are owned by a publishing company?
Yes, but you need to get permission from the publishing company. If the song is selected as a winner, you will be required to send IAMA their signed approval.

19. If I am entering from outside the US, what type of payment do you accept?
We accept cheques drawn on a US based bank. If you live outside the US, we cannot accept personal checks. We only accept bank draft cheques, international money orders, credit card. Please do not send us personal checks with the word “US Funds” written in next to the amount. Also, we cannot do transfers of monies into our bank account.

20. If I am Canadian, can I send in a personal check and just write in “US Funds” on the check?
We cannot accept personal checks with the words “US Funds” written in next to the amount, even it is from Canada. We only accept bank draft checks, international money orders or credit card.

21. What is the IAMA Compilation CD?
IAMA produces a Compilation CD of the all the First prize winners in each category, the overall Grand Prize winner and runner-ups in all categories. All songwriters will retain rights to their songs. It will be promoted to radio stations. The purpose of the Compilation CD is to raise awareness and increase exposure for all winners, and most importantly, to help them further their careers.

22. What is AAA category?
AAA stands for Adult Album Alternative, a radio jargon. Example of artists in the AAA genre include The Jayhawks and John Mayer.

23. What is Americana/Roots category?
Example of Americana artists include: Steve Earle, Franz Ferdinand and Tom Waits. Example of Roots artists include: W.C. Clark, Elvis Costello and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band