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“I am very excited and surprised to win” ~ Meghan Trainor, 6th Annual IAMA Best Female Artist Winner. She hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts for 8 weeks, #1 on the Billboard 200 Album Charts, won a Grammy award for best new artist, her debut single is one of the biggest selling singles of all time, selling over 15 million copies and hitting #1 in 58 different countries.

“I’m a very big fan of IAMA. My act when I was performing with David Fertitta won the grand prize with our song “Do You Run”. My writer, Kevin Fisher, and my co-writer Tim Schou have also won the Overall Grand Prize over the years. The quality of work through this organization is amazing. You should jump in and be a part of it” ~ Steven McClintok of Fertitta & McClintock,  3rd Annual IAMA Top Winner.

“It is a great honor to win the Overall Grand Prize as well as the Best Folk/Americana/Roots category at the International Acoustic Music Awards. Over the past 25 years, it has always been my goal to create music that entertains, educates and inspires people of all communities.  Using a variety of instruments and old-time music styles it has also been my mission to make sure the music that I inherited from my friends and mentors lives on into the present. Thanks to my team and Smithsonian Folkways Recordings for all of their support in making this prize a reality”, said Dom Flemons, first Black to win the top award. Top winner of the 20th Annual IAMA  (International Acoustic Music Awards).

“I am shocked, humbled and deeply grateful to receive the Overall Grand Prize at the IAMA. It is an incredible honour to be recognized among such musical talent!” ~ Ryan Sheridan, first winner from Ireland, Top winner of the 19th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards).

“We are so excited and honored to have won the 18th Annual IAMA First Prize for Best Group Award and the Overall Grand Prize! This truly comes at an incredible time for us. The band is just getting back on the road after a very long two years, (due to the pandemic), and we can’t wait to see the new places that this opportunity will take us to. Buffalo Rose is so grateful to be a part of the acoustic music tradition and to be able to create and experience music and joy with the world. A massive thank you to our team and all of our wonderful fans! We have so much new music coming this year and can’t wait to share it with you all!” ~ Shane McLaughlin, Top winner of the 18th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) who plays guitar and vocals with the acoustic group Buffalo Rose.

“I was blown away to find out I won these top awards from the IAMA. Being recognized among some of the world’s most talented music artists is such an honor. The competition this year in all categories was incredible and I still can’t believe I won the Overall Grand Prize and the Best of Folk/Roots. It’s a day that I’ll never forget – thank you IAMA!” ~ Rod Abernethy, Top winner of the 17th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards)

“I’d like to thank the IAMA for the honor of this award. It’s nice to know that there are still nice surprises around the bend on this long winding path of a career. I love a good song — writing them, hearing them by other people, and sharing them that seems to fit into the mission of IAMA. Thanks for reminding me I’m on the right track still!” ~ Ellis Paul, Top winner of the 16th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards)

“I am thrilled and honored to be recognized. It’s also inspiring that my song “Put the Gun Down” that addresses such a pressing issue in a personal way, can have an impact and win this award,” ~ Jonatha Brooke, Top winner of the 15th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards)

“This year I was fortunate enough to win the Grand Prize at the International Acoustic Music Awards. That was unforgettable. The people there hooked me up with gear I would never have been able to afford. I’m so grateful …” ~ Jack Newsome, 2015 Top Winner

“Thank you for recognizing my music with your awards. It means a lot to be appreciated after so many years of writing and playing music for a living” ~ AJ Croce, 9th Annual IAMA Top Winner

“I am so grateful to be the top winner” ~ Charlie Dore, the first winner from UK (Billboard Top 10 Hit “Pilot of the Airwaves”), 4th Annual IAMA Top Winner

“Terrific, just to win” ~ The Refugees, featuring Wendy Waldman (writer of Billboard #1 Hit “Save The Best For Last”), 5th Annual IAMA Top Winner

“It’s a great honor and just very happy that the judges enjoyed my song” ~ David Francey, Canada, 7th Annual IAMA Top Winner and Juno award winner

“I’m thrilled to win this award. It means a lot to me” ~ Liz Longley, 6th Annual IAMA Top Winner. Liz went on to perform at the famous Newport Folk Festival after her win

“We both are excited to win this award” ~ Fertitta & McClintock, 3rd Annual IAMA Top Winner, they were signed by Clive Davis to Arista Records.

Why Enter IAMA?

Open To All, Regardless of Where You Live or Nationality. We have winners & entrants from UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil, USA, South Africa, etc.

Winners have received recording contracts and gone on to hit the Billboard Hot 100 Charts, Billboard 200 charts, win Grammy awards.

IAMA is the only one out there. IAMA is the only awards of its kind out there geared towards performing musicians. There are songwriting competitions out there, Grammy Awards, live talent awards, etc. However, there are no performance type awards like IAMA geared towards the performing musicians under the radar who are ready to be discovered. IAMA honors singer-songwriters, bands, groups, musicians, not just songwriters. Entrants are judged based on music performance, songwriting/composition (or song choice, covers are OK), music productions and originality.

No need to stand in long lines for auditions, saving time & energy! Unlike American Idol, you do not need to wait in long lines just mail in your entries or enter online.

No Age Limit. You can be as young or as old as you wish and enter IAMA. However, please note that entrants under 18 years old would require a parent or guardian to sign on his/her behalf.

Adding Credits To Your Bio. Winning (or even just being placed in the finals) can add significant credit to your bio and boost your confidence.

Judges are A&R representatives all major record labels Sony/BMG, EMI, Warner and Universal Music.

Exposure & Compilation CD. Winners & Runners-ups will be featured on our compilation CD distributed throughout the music industry, including radio stations, record labels, Film & TV music supervisors.

Acoustic Music Hall of Fame (International Acoustic Music Awards)


Ryan Sheridan, 19th Annual
IAMA Top Winner

Dom Flemons - singer-songwriter (Photography by Rory Doyle)

Dom Flemons, 20th Annual
IAMA Top Winner


21st Annual
IAMA Top Winner

Ellis Paul, singer-songwriter
Ellis Paul, 16th Annual IAMA Top Winner
Rod Abernethy
Rod Abernethy, 17th  Annual IAMA Top Winner
Buffalo Rose, 18th  Annual IAMA Top Winner
Jonatha Brooke
Jonatha Brooke, 15th Annual IAMA Top Winner
Kevin Fisher, 14th  Annual IAMA Top Winner
Tim Schou, 14th  Annual IAMA Top Winner
Jack Newsome, 12th  Annual IAMA Top Winner
Carl Wockner, 11th  Annual IAMA Top Winner
Kelly James, 10th  Annual IAMA Top Winner
AJ Croce, 9th  Annual IAMA Top Winner
Maddy Rodriguez, 8th Annual IAMA Top Winner
The Song As A Script
David Francey, 7th Annual IAMA Top Winner
Expert Musician Advice: Know Your Own Strengths
Liz Longeley, 6th Annual IAMA Top Winner
The Refugees, 5th Annual IAMA Top Winner
 Charlie Dore, 4th Annual IAMA Top Winner
Fertitta & McClintock,  3rd Annual IAMA Top Winner
Jen Foster, 2nd Annual IAMA Top Winner
Jason Harwell, 1st  Annual IAMA Top Winner